Julian Gonzales and Rebecca Reid.

We provide many legal services the general public is not really aware of. We have   been    
serving the community in Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura counties, working with, both
attorneys and the public, using our combined skills to service attorneys with such things as
service of process, court filings, skip tracing, collections and so forth.

We see a need for helping you with Small Claims Court Filings and we know that going to
court, even small claims court can be time consuming, intimidating and frustrating and for
that reason
Julian and Rebecca offer these services

Many times people just like you feel they have a case and someone owes them money but
it is too time consuming for you to file the case.

Here are a few  reasons a person can find themselves the victim of another
person, business or corporation.

  • Your landlord won't return your deposit as agreed
  • You have a car accident which is not your fault and the driver won't pay for the
  • You have a contract for a given amount and the bill is higher than agreed

Julian and Rebecca handle these cases as a matter of daily routine. When you call you
will speak directly to Me or Julian and we will answer all of your questions. We will expertly
prepare your case so all you have to do is tell your story to the judge.

How much does this cost?

Costs may vary a bit depending on the services you require such as location of the
defendant and the County we file in may make a small difference, whether or not you know
where to find the defendant or If the defendant comes to court and pays the judgment

We will quote you a firm price and the best part is the court generally reimburses you for
our fee.

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